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At M G Motors we know that how your car looks is important to you. Many of us can feel quite upset and embarrassed when we accidentally damage our car and just want it repaired back to it's original condition as quickly as possible.

From the smallest of scratches to the largest of dents, nothing is impossible to repair either by pulling and reshaping the area or by replacing with a new part and good quality paintwork of which all ours is guaranteed to a high professional standard.

Sometimes your car can become damaged though no fault of your own and your insurance company becomes involved. It is a common miff that you have to take your vehicle to be repaired by who ever your insurance company says. It is your car and you can take your car to be repaired to which ever body shop you wish. All you need do is contact your insurance company and tell them where you will be having your vehicle repaired, then leave the rest to us. Most insurance companies will send out an assessor to look at your vehicle, which can be done at your home or you can have this done at our garage. Once the assessor has liaised with us your car can be booked in when convenient for you to be repaired.

There are occasions when a slightly older car might be written off by your insurance company as the value of the work needed to be done is more than the value of the car. However, this doesn't mean that your car can not be mended and that you have to say goodbye to a faithful friend. We can repair your car using second hand parts and return it to as good as new condition. These days insurance companies are all too eager to write off older cars.

Quality bodywork speaks for it's self along with a good professional reputation. Here at M G Motors Mervyn has over 30 years experience repairing damaged vehicles and comes highly recommended.

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